Trade Shows & Conferences in Canberra,Australia

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Overcoming the Challenges of Digital Transformation

Date: 20-Feb-18 to 21-Feb-18
Location: Canberra / Australia
Digital Transformation isn’t just about knowing where you want to be, it’s about understanding and overcoming the huge challenges in getting there. From policy to technical capabilities, to customer-centric service design, this conference will deliver lessons learnt and case studies from departments and agencies in the midst of their digital transformation journey. Providing the perfect opportunity to network and build your future strategy. Benefits of attending the Overcoming the Challenge of Digital Transformation Conference: - Visualise the potential impacts of new technology on your sector - Develop a technology strategy for times of constant change - Navigate the unfamiliar terrain of platform sharing - Research user needs and embed this into service design - Cope with ...

Refining Regulation to Strengthen Compliance

Date: 27-Feb-18 to 28-Feb-18
Location: Canberra / Australia
Data offers great possibilities to regulators. It can help prevent and detect non-compliance, define where future resources should be focused and ultimately shape future regulatory strategy. The right regulatory approach, influenced by sophisticated analysis, as well as a deep understanding of the motivations of stakeholders, can achieve great outcomes and significantly strengthen compliance operations. Attend the Refining Regulation to Strength Compliance conference to learn how to: - Harness big data and realise its possibilities - Build intelligence capabilities by understanding and analysing data better - Develop regulatory frameworks that promote compliance - Implement innovative compliance & enforcement practices - Prevent and minimise non-compliance with the right ...

Transforming the Finance Function in Government

Date: 28-Feb-18 to 01-Mar-18
Location: Canberra / Australia
The finance function is going through unprecedented change as it becomes more strategic and future focused. Many senior finance leaders have been accountable for day to day responsibilities like transactions, compliance and financial statements. However as automation gains traction in government and in the context of shared services, strategic leadership and business analysis become essential to the finance role. How can you prepare yourself for the future of finance in government? The Transforming the Finance Function in Government conference will equip you with strategies to redesign the finance function in your organisation and enable you to respond effectively to automation with the high level skills needed for this changing role. Attend & learn how to: - Driving ...