Palo Alto Networks: ICS Hands-On Workshop in Odense

Date: 18-Apr-18 to 18-Apr-18
Location: Denmark
Join us for our upcoming hands-on workshop for control systems security. It’s a free, interactive event where you’ learn practical skills to protect your ICS environments with Palo Alto Networks® Next-Generation Security Platform. Register now to participate in lab exercises in a fully ICS environment and learn about the latest ICS security best practices your peers and Palo Alto Networks experts. Agenda: 10h00 - Start Morning session + 12h00 - Lunch + 13h00 - Afternoon sessions: hands-on 14h30 - End   Presentations: - Protect your ICS environments, Del Rodillas, Palo Alto - Safe asset discovery and vulnerability detection, Mikael  Mosander, - Zero Trust, Peter Koch, Here are some of the workshop ...

International Conference On Microbial Food and Feed Ingredients

Date: 02-May-18 to 04-May-18
Location: Copenhagen / Denmark
More than ever the demand for better, healthier and cheaper foods is pivotal to consumers and thus the producers, affiliated industries and research institutions. This affects the entire supply chain from university scientists to commercialization of research in the industry. A forum for this specific area of microbiology is needed in Europe to give voice to the large community working dedicatedly to improve foods and feed for the benefit of health, experience and the economy. Microbial food and feed ingredients have a growing role both in terms of research, education and industry – as well as from a strategical point of view. Denmark is a leading country in advanced development and sales of bacteria cultures and enzymes worldwide. Furthermore, Denmark and northern Europe have large ...

Biofilms 8 Conference

Date: 27-May-18 to 29-May-18
Location: Denmark
Biofilms 8 is the 8th conference in a series that cover the topic of bacterial biofilms in the broadest sense. The conference focus is on the basic scientific question of how biofilms form, grow and interact with their surroundings. Biofilms 8 attracts researchers from the natural sciences, engineering, and health science to exchange their research on how biofilms develop, how they interact with their surroundings, and how they can be controlled in a natural, industrial, or clinical setting. The conference is renowned for its broad and non-clinical scope, and has brought together the top biofilm researchers from Europe, North America and Asia ever second year since it was launched by Prof. Hans-Curt Flemming in Vienna in 2003. The conference alternates with the conference “Eurobiofilms” ...


Date: 30-May-18 to 31-May-18
Location: Copenhagen / Denmark
The prestigious IMD World Talent Ranking 2017 ranks Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland in the top 10 most competitive countries when it comes to attracting and retaining the talent their businesses need to be successful. Yes, the Nordic countries are well known for being innovative and have always delivered outstanding HR work, but is it enough? Will it ever be enough? Nowadays HR professionals are under more pressure than ever. HR issues are growing in scale and complexity, demanding more creative approaches and innovative solutions. It's not enough anymore to successfully partner with the business, so HR must find ways to reshape and redesign the organisation around its people to ensure continuous performance, growth and innovation. We believe it's time to push the ...

Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Meeting (FAAM 2018)

Date: 18-Oct-18 to 20-Oct-18
Location: Copenhagen / Denmark
Organised by the European Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology (EAACI), Europe’s largest medical association in the field of allergy and clinical immunology, the Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Meeting (FAAM 2018) will be – for the fifth time – the leading event in the areas of food allergy and anaphylaxis. Internationally renowned speakers will share their knowledge with an expected audience of more than 1,000 attendees (FAAM 2016 had 1,117 attendees). Exhibitors and Sponsors: If you are interested in sponsoring or exhibiting at FAAM 2018, please send your enquiry to