Palo Alto Networks: Mejores prácticas de ciberseguridad para institucion...

Date: 28-Nov-18 to 28-Nov-18
Location: Mexico
Lo invitamos a acompañarnos a un evento exclusivo, diseñado específicamente para explorar los retos que enfrenta el sector de aseguradoras en materia de seguridad cibernética.   Agenda: 7:00 – 7:35PM:  Registro y breve 7:35 – 8:05PM:  Threat landscape in LATAM: examples and best practices ( Simon Conant, analista senior de Unit 42 ) 8:05 – 8:35PM:  Importancia de la ciberseguridad en el sector de aseguradoras: ventajas de una plataforma ( Jacobo Resnikov, CSS LATAM ) 8:35 – 8:50PM:   8:50 – 9:20PM:  Automatización, machine learning, y análisis de comportamiento ( Omar Ochoa, RSM especializado en aseguradoras ) 9:20 – 9:50PM:  Demo de Magnifier para threat hunting ( Mario Sánchez, SE especializado en aseguradoras ) 9:50 – 10:00PM:  Q&A y Conclusiones finales ( Omar ...

Cardiology Update at Puerto Vallarta: A Focus on Prevention

Date: 07-Jan-19 to 11-Jan-19
Location: Mexico
The purpose of the meeting is to present state-of-the-art knowledge in cardiology with a clinically-based approach. The scope of the program is broad and will cover a wide spectrum of Cardiovascular Medicine but generally focused on prevention of coronary disease, stroke and sudden death. Expert faculty will present practical clinical approaches to diagnostics and latest management strategies of challenging and controversial topics in cardiology.

Cardiology at Cancun: Topics in Clinical Cardiology

Date: 25-Feb-19 to 01-Mar-19
Location: Mexico
The purpose of the meeting is to present practical state-of-the-art knowledge in cardiovascular diagnosis and therapy. The scope of the program is comprehensive and will cover prevention, ischemic heart disease, heart failure, pulmonary hypertension, valvular heart disease, and heart rhythm disorders. Expert faculty will present evidence-based and practical clinical approaches to diagnosis and treatment. A case-based format with audience response interaction and ample time for discussion is planned. Late afternoon audience-interactive sessions on ischemic heart disease, heart failure, and arrhythmias are planned.

Metabolism in Health and Disease Conference, Mexico, 2019

Date: 24-May-19 to 27-May-19
Location: Mexico
The new millennium has seen a resurgence in our appreciation of metabolism as a central discipline in our understanding of human health and disease. Although the pathways necessary for ATP production and synthesis of macromolecules (nucleic acids, lipids, and amino acids) were elucidated decades ago, their role in determining cell fate or function has been uncovered only recently. The discovery that oncogenes and tumour suppressors reprogram nutrient uptake and metabolism in malignant cells has re-energized the field of cancer metabolism and more broadly stimulated a second “golden age” of disease-oriented research in biochemistry. Recent work has also shown that metabolites themselves influence signal transduction and gene expression, indicating a surprising degree of crosstalk between ...