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Sought After Production Designer Hank Mann Wraps Production on 'Rememory'

Production Designer Hank Mann

Canadian production designer Hank Mann creates captivating sets for the upcoming film "Rememory" starring Peter Dinklage!

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, July 8, 2016 / -- Production designer Hank Mann, who's known for his work on the films "Kill Kill Faster Faster" and "Repeaters," recently wrapped production on the upcoming sci-fi drama feature film "Rememory."

"Rememory," which was shot primarily in Vancouver, stars Golden Globe and Primetime Emmy Award winner Peter Dinklage from the hit series "Game of Thrones," multi-award winning actor Anton Yelchin ("Only Lovers Left Alive," "Star Trek," "Terminator Salvation") who unfortunately passed away in June, and Primetime Emmy Award winner Julia Ormond from the films "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" and "Che: Part One," as well as the series “Mad Men” and "Witches of East End."

Directed by Mark Palansky ("Penelope," "The Same," "Shutter"), who cowrote the screenplay with Michael Vukadinovich, "Rememory" revolves around Sam Bloom (Peter Dinklage) and Carolyn Dunn (Julia Ormand) as they try to get to the bottom of the mysterious death of Carolyn's husband, Gordon Dunn(Martin Donovan). An ingenious professor who was preparing to unveil an innovative new invention capable of recording and playing a person's memory, Dunn's invention may just hold the answers to his sudden death.

As the production designer of the film Mann devoted special attention to creating a visual environment that reflected the contrasting themes within the plot, specifically when it came to the sets he created for the characters’ present reality and those seen in their memories.

"The story mostly follows classic neo noir plot lines, but also has a subtle sci fi edge. I wanted the design to reflect this journey, like wearing a pair of virtual reality glasses and not knowing after you take them off if you are still actually wearing them or not," explains Mann.

"I worked towards a desaturated darkness for the main plotline, and a vibrant richness for the 'memories,' which are intersected throughout the film. The effect is to give real moments a searching greyness and the memories of those same moments a colourful intensity, helping to ask the question, "Are our memories an exact replay of an event, or an overwhelming exaggeration?"

A master when it comes to designing sets that perfectly fit the contextual elements of a story, Mann's work as the production designer on "Rememory" was integral in creating a world where the film’s characters could believably exist. From the main sets of Sam's loft to Gordon's office all the way down to the key sci fi prop, the Rememory machine, Mann's captivating design and dynamic prop choices were invaluable in facilitating further character development beyond what viewers are able to grasp from the actors' performances alone.

"I really enjoyed watching Peter Dinklage, both as an actor and as the character Sam Bloom, explore the added layers of character and personality I had given his character's loft set," says Mann.

"As with any set design, I enjoy adding to a character's life, creating unwritten backstories and translating them into elements within a set. So many of these details, such as Charles' memorabilia he keeps with him at the nursing home greenhouse, or the framed photos of Jane at the Dunn house, may only end up being subtle background layers but they all help the sets become characters themselves."

The film, which is expected to be released by Spring 2017, was produced by First Point Entertainment ("Beautiful Boy," "96 Minutes," "Demonic"), Scythia Films ("Bang Bang Baby," "The Witch," "An Inconvenient Youth") and Strophic Productions Limited.

About Mann's work on the film, "Rememory" cinematographer Gregory Middleton ("Game of Thrones," "The Killing," "Slither," "Passchendaele") explains, "Hank's amazing resourcefulness and passion helps elevate the created world of the main character to amazing depths visually. The ability to interpret and create psychological worlds of a character is a very specific and unique talent that not many designers possess. His contribution to the film was immense and superb."

Mann’s past work on films such as Carl Bessai's ("Sisters and Brothers," "Emile") Leo Award winning crime drama "Repeaters" starring Dustin Milligan ("The Butterfly Effect 2") and Amanda Crew ("Charlie St. Cloud," "The Age of Adaline"), which screened at the prestigious Toronto International Film Festival and Gareth Maxwell Roberts award-winning thriller "Kill Kill Faster Faster," which took home the Best International Feature Award from the London Independent Film Festival, have proven him to be the kind of production designer who is able to create beautifully complex sets that add to any story.

Aside from his work in film, Mann, who is represented by the renowned Sesler Company in Toronto, has production designed more than two hundred commercials over the course of his career for globally recognized brands such as Ford, Lexus, Hyundai, Kia, Toyota, Tylenol, Advil, Hasbro, Air Canada, Best Buy, Blue Cross, Burger King, Dannon, Fisher Price, Gillette, YouTube, Visa, Universal Studios and more.

Some of his most recognized work in the world of commercials include CTV's 2010 ad for the Winter Olympics featuring Donald Sutherland, as well as their "Believe" campaign, which earned both the World Gold Award and the North American Silver Award from the PromaxBDA Awards, the L'Oreal ad featuring Evangeline Lilly, GoDaddy’s "It's Go Time" campaign featuring Jean-Claude Van Damme, the Ford Mondeo commercial starring David Duchovny, and the "Most Cars in One Place" commercial campaign for Autotrader, which garnered international attention earning the Strategy AOY Award and two Cassie Awards.

Make sure to keep your eyes out for Hank Mann's work in the highly anticipated film "Rememory" upon its release next year.

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