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Trump Super PAC Invents, WIPE OUT Of College Student Loan Debt, PAST & FUTURE College Loan Payments w/ Private Charity

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, August 18, 2016 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Trump Super PAC Get Our Jobs Back Inc., CEO Steven Hoffenberg, the charity fundraising expert, invented the President Trump, ‘WIPE OUT’ college loan debt educational policy, that pays for the college student loans, ‘PAST & FUTURE’ under President Trump.

‘WIPE OUT’ of college student loan debt ‘PAST & FUTURE’, is ready for the 43 million college students, who will have ‘NO MORE’ student loan debt, under the all new private charity fund. All college student loan debt will be wiped out throughout the entire United States, under the President Trump White House victory.

The United States will no longer pay out for the ‘PAST & FUTURE’ college student loan debt, under President Trump who is the real money expert. With over 19 trillion dollars in debt, the United States government no longer has the budget to fund the college student loan debt of 1.37 trillion dollars.

‘WIPE OUT’ of all college student loan debt, ‘PAST & FUTURE’ by the Trump Super PAC, tells all, in how much President Trump truly cares for the 43 million students, who are suffering with student loans, by wiping out the college student loan debt, under the President Trump private charity college fund.

For further details regarding the ‘WIPE OUT' of college student loan debt 'PAST & FUTURE' by the Trump Super PAC contact CEO/Steven Hoffenberg at 267-319-4420.

Trump Super PAC CEO Contact
Steven Hoffenberg
CEO/Get Our Jobs Back Inc.
Website: http://getourjobsbackinc.com
Phone: 267-319-4420
Twitter (NYSE: TWTR): steven hoffenbergw (@stevenhoffenber)

CEO/Towers Investors.com
Website: http://towersinvestors.com/
235 E. 40 Street
Pent House E.
New York, NY 10016
Email: steven.hoffenberg@publicspeakingwallstreet.com

Steven Hoffenberg
Get Our Jobs Back Inc.
267 319 4420
email us here

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