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The game of hockey can burn down barriers and, ignite a new generation of players from all walks of life.
— Julian Huckaby
WASHINGTON, DC, USA, September 27, 2022 / -- Team Ignite, Coach Ron Mitchell, JD, MBA, recognized globally as a life and business strategist, philanthropist, entrepreneur, recording artist, Amazon five-star rated author, and veteran recently teamed up with Julian Huckaby to ignite the game of hockey by using diversity, equity and inclusion to combat the lack of minority participation in the sport. Ron provides innovative strategies and solutions to businesses of all sizes to produce sustainable results. He leads a diverse team of thought-doers, experts, and consultants that inspire innovation.

Julian Huckaby is an emerging hockey star, entrepreneur, youth, and community advocate. He is recognized for his fortitude, passion for hockey, team spirit, toughness, and skills on the ice.

Manchester Reports Director of Communications, Vincent Mason, speaks with Ignite Coach Ron Mitchell JD, MBA, and Julian Huckaby. Thank you for having me today, I am thrilled to be here with Julian to discuss diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) on the ice and the game of hockey. We are equally excited to be allowed to discuss Julian’s journey as a young African American hockey player. BEM Enterprises LLC dba Team Ignite is a management consulting company and trusted advisor to the world's leading businesses, governments, institutions, and is a leading provider in energy and utility consulting, data analytics, DE&I, organizational strategy, people transformation, and ignite the electric vehicle community. We acknowledge that our most valuable asset is DE&I because it is essential to overcome ignorance and prejudice in our communities.

The lack of DE&I within the sport of hockey is a great challenge and barrier to overcome. Climbing Mount Everest for the first time, was also a challenge. However, once Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay reached the summit in 1953, thousands of people have since reached the summit. The only thing that changed was belief. Team Ignite works with organizations around the globe to ignite the fire within. We aim to transform the human spirit to overcome the lack of DE&I across the world. Raise awareness throughout organizations, government agencies, and within communities by introducing Coaching, Cooking, and Inclusion, our DE&I solution. It’s an innovative approach designed to provide a fresh perspective on DE&I.

Question: What compelled your company to team up with Julian Huckaby?

As an African American, veteran, former athlete, and advocate of change, I am very familiar with the mental, physical, emotional, and psychological impact the lack of DE&I has on your livelihood. My passion for problem-solving led me to team up with Julian Huckaby to find a solution to overcome the lack of DE&I in hockey. Furthermore, Julian Huckaby is an advocate of diversity and share with me several ideas that can improve minority participation in hockey.

Question: What inspires you to play hockey Julian?

Answer: My inspiration for playing hockey is to one day win the Stanley
Cup and, inspire up-and-coming minority youth hockey stars. I want to take the lead and show other African Americans that you can be different, and live your dreams, all while taking another path than other people around you. My coaches, teammates, and family like EJ Goviea, Coach John Goviea, Coach Clark Mowery, Coach Joey Pezzino, Coach Brian Becker, and Mr. Anthony Macucci are an inspiration to me. They all Inspire me to take a step further each time I'm on the ice and to grind harder and get better every time I play.

Question: What steps do you recommend to increase minority participation in hockey?

Answer: To increase minority participation in hockey, I recommend that more cities around the world, specifically in African American communities build ice rinks to inspire interest in the sport. Second, help me create more hockey content on social media to fuel youth engagement. Then, provide free tickets to NHL games to elementary and middle schools; and invite African Americans and other minority communities to attend local hockey games. This will give youth in minority communities a new perspective about hockey and showcase our commonalities as Americans.

Question: What are some of the challenges you face as an African American hockey player?

Answer: As an African American hockey player, I face several challenges. For example, when I'm on the ice, I am the most sought-after player by the defense because of the color of my skin. Also, whether I am on or off the ice, I deal with racial slurs in America or if I am in another country. Additionally, people believe that I am not a good hockey player because of the color of my skin; nonetheless. I educate them through my play on the ice, my team spirit, and mental fortitude.

Question: How do you prepare for a game?

Answer: The first thing I do to prepare myself for a hockey game is to
get mentally focused to do battle on the ice. I tell myself that I am ready for the game, and nobody can stop me or my teammates. Also, I cut out all distractions e.g., social media before a game and remember to stay in the moment. Before the game, to get my blood flowing, I shadow box, do sprints, stretch, and hydrate. Like most teenagers, I listen to music that will ignite energy, and peak performance to better prepare for my game.

Question: What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

Answer: I am from Bowie, Maryland, and I enjoy watching my favorite NHL team the Washington Capitals. I work out at the gym to better myself mentally, physically, and emotionally. I have a diet and work out plan for during and after the season to help me perform at a high level throughout the year. Currently, I am attending St. Francis, an awesome high school located in Hamburg NY. It's a great learning environment and a nice community of like-minded positive people. So far, my experience here has been great. Recently, I acquired certifications in SQL and Python, through Codecademy. I enjoy day trading and coding as well.

In conclusion, the future on ice is bright for Julian Huckaby and Team Ignite.

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Julian Huckaby

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