Agri Vietnam 2018

Date: 14-Mar-18 to 16-Mar-18
Location: Saigon Exhibition & Convention Center (SECC) / Ho Chi Minh City / Viet Nam
Category: Agriculture, Farming & Forestry Conferences & Trade Fairs


International Exhibition & Conference on Agricultural Chemicals, Products and Machinery in Vietnam

Date: 14th – 16th March, 2018, 9:00 – 17:00

Venue: Saigon Exhibition & Convention Center (SECC), Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Organizer: Minh Vi Exhibition & Advertisement Services Co., Ltd

Attendees: 2,500 Trade and Professionals visitors.


- Wholesalers & Retailers

- Distributors/Importers & Exporters

- Mass Agrochemical Product Users

- Mass Agrochemical Technology Users

- New Agriculture Product & Technology Applied Organizations

- Terminal Users of New Agriculture Products & Technology

- Farmers, Agriculturists & Agronomists

- Entrepreneurs, Farm Contractors

- Engineers & Technicians

- Investors and Bankers

- Registration Agency and Consultant

- Agriculture Department

- Agro Producers

- Universities and Research Institutions

- Government Representatives

- Related Correlative Enterprises & Organizations


Agriculture Mechanical Equipments

Grain Plantation Harvest Machinery; Agriculture Mechanical Accessories; Spray, Irrigation & Dewatering Mechanical Equipments; Fertilization Related Mechanical Equipments; Agrochemical Product Production Equipments; Agriculture and Sideline Product Processing and Storage Equipments; Agriculture Plastic Products; Crops Transportation Equipments; Wrapping Machinery; Agriculture Engineering Technologies; Environment Protection Equipments; Waste Water and Waste Residue Treatment Technologies and Equipments

Agrochemicals & Crop Protection Products

- Agriculture Chemicals: Chemical Pesticides & Intermediates (Pesticides, Bactericides, Herbicides,...); Biopesticides, Ecological Pesticides, Agriculture Chemical Production & Processing Technologies
- Chemical Fertilizers: Nitrogen Fertilizers, Potash Fertilizers, Phosphate Fertilizers, Compound Fertilizers,...New Special Fertilizers (Seaweed Fertilizers, Biological Fertilizers, Foliage Fertilizers, Slow Release Fertilizers, Trace Element Fertilizers, Humid Acid Fertilizers,..
- Crop Protection & Biotechnology: Plant Growth Regulators, Transgenic Products, Soil Additives, Nutritional Agents, Turf

Agriculture Products

Seeds, Grain, Fruits and Vegetables, Flowers and Plants

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