TMRE: The Market Research Event

We've all seen that insights, when done right, can be the most powerful force for business success. On the other hand, when inaccurate (ie: Brexit, the election), it can have seismic effects that leave your company - or even your nation, in a state of disruption. The 2017 program has been designed for insights executives to take back control and re-establish insights' role as a power player for the business.

TMRE: The Market Research Event is the most comprehensive event for Market Research and Customer Insights executives looking to push the insights agenda forward. Unite with over 1,100 industry leaders to take control amid disruption and create truly research-led organizations.

* Malcolm Gladwell, Best-Selling Author, The Tipping Point, Outliers and David & Goliath on Finding Truths in Hidden Data

* Amber Case, Cyborg Anthropologist, Author, Calm Technology on the Future of Artificial Intelligence

* Adam Alter, NYT Best-Selling Author, NYU Stern Professor of Marketing & Psychology on The Psychology Behind Our Technology Addictions

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