Back End of Innovation

The fate of your idea rests at the back end- THE most critical part of the innovation process. The 2017 BEI event is where serious innovators go to roll up their sleeves and get to work. Designed around interactions, we’ll work together to solve the common challenges that face all of us innovators as we attempt to cross the business chasm and ensure flawless innovation execution, every time. From mobilizing teams, to optimizing the idea portfolio, to aligning the right internal and external stakeholders, BEI helps you OVERCOME resistance and find creative pathways to successful innovation execution.

BEI 2017 will deliver on these focus areas:
PRIORITIZING “WINNERS”: Optimizing the Portfolio
OVERCOMING RESISTANCE: Aligning Internal Stakeholders
DRIVING MOMENTUM: Curating the Right Culture & Team
ACCELERATING GROWTH: Structuring for Agility
ALIGNING EXTERNAL RESOURCES: Creative Partnering & Funding Models
LAUNCHING & SCALING: Commercializing New Opportunities


Malcolm Gladwell, Adam Alter, Shane Wall, Jennifer Hirsch

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