Better Living Eco-Green-Solar Expo


​Managed by Innovative Event Concept LLC, The Better Living Eco-Green & Solar Expo are Regional shows that aim to bring local and regional businesses together with consumers for the sole purpose of exposing consumers to Eco-Green and Solar companies products and services, geared towards saving the environment through the use of Green Products. Some of the long term benefits are a healthier environment and increase financial saving for U.S consumers.
At the Better Living Eco-Green & Solar Expo our goal is to excel in all areas. We take tremendous pride in producing quality shows.
Our goal is to help businesses thrive. We provide a venue and an inexpensive way of advertising that will bring customer directly to you at the Expos! No other form of advertising can offer you a better opportunity or more captive audience.
​ Our success is no accident; it is the result of our determine management team and satisfied exhibitors. The efforts of both groups have resulted in an outstanding Expos that any company would be proud to be associated with.

10 reasons why your company should exhibit on our shows:

1-Build brand name recognition​
2-New market penetration​
3-Introduce new products or services​
4-Increase company revenue​
5-Introduce or enhance your company’s image​
6-Competitor intelligence​​​
7-Recruit dealers/distributors​
8-Perform market research​
9 Direct consumer sales
10-Increase sales/write orders

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