Insider cyber risk management online course

Date: 31-Dec-17 to 29-Dec-18
Location: Business Reporter / London / United Kingdom
Category: Education

Are you managing your internal cyber security risks?

Employees are a major factor in the majority of cyber breaches. Whether deliberately or accidentally they can lose your data or allow other people to steal it.

Technology can help defend your data from mistakes by your employees. But it is only part of the answer. Cyber security also requires that the “human factor” is addressed.

Join this online course for an introductory price of just £249 + VAT and learn how to manage the cyber risks that employees pose to your organisation.

This course will help you to understand how to manage cyber security by promoting cyber-safe behaviour to your employees.

What will be learned:

- How to decide what data needs to be protected most
- How to ensure that the processes used to protect data are efficient and usable
- How to crate policy documents that employees can understand
- How to deliver training that enables employees to understand and retain an understanding of how
to behave safely
- How to keep people aware of the rules for safe behaviour
- How to motivate people to follow the rules for safe behaviour

Who should attend?

- Information security professionals who need greater understanding of the range of cyber threats
that all employees present, deliberately or accidentally, to their organisation, and how to manage
- HR managers who are responsible for recruiting and managing staff and for developing
appropriate and strong corporate cultures
Internal communications managers tasked with explaining cyber security to their colleagues
- Board members who wish to understand how different operational functions

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