Urban Transit and Sustainable Networks

One of the main components of a city is its transportation and networking systems. Such components could solely impact the city and its surroundings in a positive or a negative manner.

Transportation in urban areas, with its related environmental and social impacts, is a topic of significant concern for policymakers in both municipal and central government as well as for the urban citizens who need effective and efficient transport systems. Therefore, transportation and urban Planning is crucial for Developing countries in that sense that it should be tackled and challenged by researchers and practitioners.

Whereas this conference will aim to help and provide solutions that will aid in the cities’ transformation, define & reduce negative impacts on the city and its components, and discusses the social & economical approaches and solutions for better growth.Logistical transportation, appropriate technologies, traffic, infrastructure, public participation, and government support are all affecting factors, which will be discussed and maneuvered through in this conference.

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Prof. Mohamed Maher Shahin, Prof. Mohamed Hosny Abdelrahman, Prof. Ferdinando Trapani

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