Twins Congress

Date: 16-Nov-17 to 18-Nov-17
Location: Meliã Avenida América / Madrid / Spain
Category: Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals Conferences & Trade Fairs

The congress will be held in Madrid from 16th to 18th November and will focus on multiple pregnancy and multiple delivery.

The program will include among others:

- Biology of twinning
- Wellbeing
- Microbiome
- Epigenetics
- Prenatal and postnatal effects on health

As well as:

- A symposium in honor of Irv Gottesman
- A workshop on establishing twin registries
- A workshop on epigenetics

Organising commitee:

- Gian Carlo Di Renzo
- Ruben Quintero
- José Luis Bartha Rasero
- Jennifer Harris

Advisory committee:

- Kurt Hecher
- Enrico Lopriore
- Roberto Romero
- Gonneke Willemsen
- Asma Khalil
- Jeff Craig

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