Date: 15-Aug-17 to 15-Aug-17
Location: Rotary Centre for the Arts / Kelowna / Canada
Category: Education

Tickets regularly $99, now 60% off for early bird special. Learn the skills you need tomove your business forward. A lot of businesses know they need to be online but just don't know where to start finding new customers and selling more products or services.
There are so many digital marketing strategies out there and it gets confusing as to what will work for your business. These days, for a business to attract clients or customers, it needs to be marketing online. And the best marketing strategies are the ones that bring in the most clients at the lowest possible cost.
BLACKFISH digital studio has 20 years experience with digital marketing, we are bringing proven marketing techniques that have worked for Fortune 500 companies to small business owners. Do you have 3 hours to make a significant change to your business? Then sign up!
Please be quick as these sessions always sell out.
At this 3.5 hour intensive session you will discover:

Cutting edge and innovative ways to grow your business online
Learn about the digital marketing landscape, trends and where your business fits into the big picture.
Create an effective digital marketing blueprint that gets results
Learn how to create a digital marketing sales funnel for your business.
How to understand your imaginery little friend, your customer

Understand your customer and what motivates them to buy your product or services.
Where you should be marketing on social media

Based on your goals, learn where you should be marketing on social media and how they work.
Leverage search with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and paid advertising

Where to start with SEO, Google AdWords, Remarketing and more.
The latest digital marketing trends to stay ahead of the game

Learn what the latest digital marketing trends are and some ideas to try out for your small business.

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