Argus Lithium, Cobalt & Nickel Markets and Investment 2017

Date: 12-Sep-17 to 13-Sep-17
Location: Carlton Hotel Singapore / Singapore / Singapore
Category: Energy Mining Conferences & Trade Fairs

LiCoNi Markets & Investments is an ideal platform for junior mining firms to showcase their current and future lithium projects before investors who are eyeing opportunities
along the Li-ion battery supply chain.

This event will also feature unparalleled market intelligence over 1½ days on how the supply chain for Li-ion battery metals evolves, what new innovations in the downstream sectors are shaping future demand for metals and how the supply picture for raw materials will develop going forward.

Join us in Singapore in the heart of Asia and meet mining firms, consumers and investors.

Key highlights
▸ Will there be sufficient raw materials to support the expected demand for
Li-ion batteries?

▸ Should we be worried? - hedge funds and speculators are reported to have stockpiled nearly 20pc of global cobalt production

▸ How will game-changing innovations shape future demand? – cathode materials, EV, ESS, portable electronics and more

▸ What do the fundamentals tell us? – the current supply-demand balance in the lithium, cobalt and nickel markets

▸ Recycling of Li-ion batteries – what influence will it have on supplies?


Samsung SDI, Desert Lion Energy, Pulead Technology Industry, The Cobalt Development Institute, Neometals, Petra Commodities, Petra Commodities, Intrasia Capital

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