4th Supply Chain Logistics Forum

Date: 24-Oct-17 to 26-Oct-17
Location: The Westin Houston, Memorial City / Houston / United States
Category: Energy Conferences & Trade Fairs

Emerging technologies, analytics and process optimization to reduce costs, improve levels of service and compliance

Despite a surge in new technologies and improved processes to optimize logistics operations, the oil and gas sector has been a laggard in their adoption.

Leaders from within the logistics and supply chain functions are adopting automation, BI, analytics, IoT and mobility solutions to control costs and improve efficiencies during the downturn. In addition, they have been improving their logistics processes to streamline and rightsize their logistics operations.

O&G Supply Chain Logistics returns to Houston for it’s 4th year this October to provide a unique platform to share successes and lessons learnt during the downturn from companies in the oil and gas supply chain.

Hear practical strategies from operators, oilfield services, equipment and materials suppliers and 3PLs on:

1. Embedding technology, automation and analytics to reduce costs, minimize risks and improve efficiency
2. Rightsizing and streamlining the supply chain and logistics to industry headwinds
3. Embedding compliance and sustainability to mitigate financial and reputational risks
4. Leveraging the emergence of materials marketplaces


Andy Mangan, Dale Tibodeau, Damon Flores, David (Dave) Malenfant, Deepak Nair, Edwin Casapao, Ellen Smith, Jake Grismick, James Thompson, Josh Schwieger, Katlin Ashley, Pascal Ochquee, Rob Lewin, Sarah Sherman, Sheri Roberts, Stephen Spoljaric

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