Closing Skills Sales Boot Camp (Sales Training)

Do you own or work for a startup or small business in Holland?  Does closing the sale for your business involve multiple meetings, steps, or conversations BEFORE a sale is made?  Have you ever struggled with moving your prospect from an interested lead to a closed sale?

If you said "YES" to any of these questions, keep reading!

For the first time ever - and only ONCE this September - you will have the opportunity to go through a one-day sales boot camp, with a top American Fortune 500 sales trainer, geared toward helping you improve your sales skills and greatly increase your ability to close the deal.  

So many seminars exist where you go, you listen, you do very little, and you learn nothing.  Ever been there before?  This one, my friends, is where we break the cycle.  This is a limited capacity workshop where you will learn actionable technique that you can implement in REAL LIFE the SAME DAY.

What you will get:  

-  Comprehensive training and instruction from award-winning international sales trainer, Fionna Faulk (view Fionna's LinkedIn page here for a list of just some of her accolades).  You will be learning from a closer.

-  Fourteen (14) days in advance, you will receive a preliminary email from Fionna Faulk, inquiring about your greatest struggles, in regards to sales, and to learn more about what you hope to take away from the course.

-  Five (5) days in advance:  You will receive a PDF of the material in which we will implement during your one-day closing skills sales boot camp.  (Note:  This material must be read in advance, as you will be expected to be lightly familiar with the content prior to your arrival.)

-  You will receive specific skills-based training on increasing your effectiveness in moving the sales process to the closing stage.

**To see even more perks that come with this event (there are many more!), and to purchase your ticket now before space runs out, visit the link to our Eventbrite page!**


Fionna Faulk

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