Boost Your Art Business with Online Marketing, Be Smart About Art Workshop

Date: 18-Aug-17 to 18-Aug-17
Location: Learning Centre, Mall Galleries / London / United Kingdom
Category: Arts, Antiques & Crafts Culture, Society & Lifestyle

We’ll start by diving into what YOU want from online marketing…
New professional partnerships?

We’ll then clarify what you need to be doing, while removing worries about things you’re not (one person can only do so much!).

This will be followed by a focused session on email marketing, including examples, best practices, pro tips + Q&A session.

Specific areas to be covered include:
> developing lists versus groups;
> identifying which groups work for you;
> segmenting groups to engage and maintain subscribers;
> putting together an effective sign-up form;
> building your mailing list;
> clarifying how often (or not) to send emails;
> using templates to save time and build your brand identity with impact;
> placing the correct type of ‘social media’ icons in the email, according to the aims of your email and other online activities;
> get pro tips on the subject line, preview text, layout of email, signature and more…
Plus Q&As to get your burning questions answered!

After having a break, you’ll get up-to-date insight on social media for the late twenty-teens, including examples, best practices, pro tips and a Q&A session.

‘Big picture’ areas to be covered include:
> Understanding which platforms to use and not use;
> Having consistent brand identity across platforms;
> Saving time across social media channels while increasing visibility; and
> Using hashtags to raise your profile, improve post visibility and engagement and build your following.

You’ll also get insight on how best to use these platforms today:
> Facebook
> Instagram
> Twitter

Ahead of time, you’re encouraged to think about:
> Why you use social media;
> Positive results you’ve had with social networking; and
> What you find frustrating or don’t understand.

The aim? For you to leave with the insight, focus and tools to be able to effectively use social media so that it benefits your art career.


Susan Mumford

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