Defeating Diabetes: There is Hope!

Date: 17-Aug-17 to 17-Aug-17
Location: Hope Wellness Center / United States
Category: Science Conferences & Trade Fairs

**FREE DINNER Seminar and ** MUST RSVP **

Do you wish to quit living in fear of losing your health?
Are you Diabetic or Pre-Diabetic?
Are you already taking at least one or more diabetic drug and have the desire to reduce or eliminate your dependence on these potentially dangerous drugs?
Learn how your medication may worsen your condition?
If you suffer with some of the common symptoms of a blood sugar problem, including: Weight gain, Belly Fat, High Blood Pressure, High Cholesteol, Neuropathy (nerve pain), Poor Vision. Low Libido, Fatigue, Brain Fog, Digestive Problems, Depression.
How proper lifestyle can actually regain your health?
Learn how to address the root cause, not the symptoms?
Must know lifestyle tips that can help you be healthier and prevent your Type II Diabetes from getting worse.

If any of those relate to you then this will be a great seminar for you.
Too often, we're told to "take a pill" or "learn to accept this is part of getting older." But there are more natural approaches to regain health. And half of the battle is understanding what's really going on inside your body. You deserve to know what your REAL problem is. LEARN WHAT REALLY WORKS!
Dr. Patel will tell you what cutting-edge researchers are currently teaching about diabetes so you can take control of your own recovery and live more freely once again!Learn How to Exceed the Medical “Standard of Care” for Diabetes – Discover the approach used by an ever-growing number of practicing physicians that allows you to take control of your health!
MUST RSVP Wednesday August 17th at 6:30 PM


Dr Patel

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