Growing A Healing Practice with Hiroyuki Miyazaki

Date: 16-Feb-18 to 18-Feb-18
Location: Grange Strathmore Hotel / London / United Kingdom
Category: Education

 Discover how to fulfill your divine purpose.

Grow your healing practice without needing to compete with others.
Gain more support in your life path from your spirit, soul and the energy of all that is.

Who is this course for? 

Open to all who wish to start and/or grow a healing practice into success.
Un-limited to any particular healing modality or background.
If you’re planning to grow a new or existing business 
All with an aim to help people get better, feel better, mentally, emotionally, physically or spiritually
Those interested in helping others in the best way they can. 

Definition of 'Healer' 

When the course says healers or healing practice, it is not just about spiritual healers. Examples:

Coaches, Psychologists, Yoga Trainers
Counsellors, Sound Therapists, Medics, Intuitives
Massage Therapists, Naturopaths, Nutritional Experts
Those with products and/or services that help others

 Pre-requisites: None.   Includes:  An in depth manual and workbook. Refreshments during coffee and tea breaks.  
"By changing ourselves we can change the world and help many. Being on our divine life path brings abundance to both us and others. Align your actions with your soul's mission and help in the awakening of the Earth." (Hiro)
Based on his experience in helping over a thousand healing businesses, Hiro will share with you several key strategies that create a critical difference in the healing market. With his step-by-step guidance, you will understand the dynamics of the healing market in your region/country. You'll identify opportunities and create your strategy and action plan to start and grow your healing practice.

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