Gartner IT Infrastructure, Operations Management & Data Center Summit 2017

Date: 27-Nov-17 to 28-Nov-17
Location: InterContinental London - The O2 / London / United Kingdom
Category: IT Technology Conferences & Trade Fairs

Digital business transformation offers both opportunities and challenges for I&O leaders, and they have to start this transformation by changing themselves. They need to make bold bets with limited information and unclear outcomes. They need to be decisive, because digital business projects emphasize quick decision making and rapid experimentation with bold new ideas. To succeed in the digital business era, I&O leaders need to embark on ‘creative destruction’ often willing to fundamentally rethink the technology architecture, processes and people needed for their new digital business initiatives. They also need to build, collaborate, manage and communicate their priorities differently to stay better engaged with business teams and increase their chances of success. By focusing on platform creation, fostering risk-taking culture and recalibrating I&O’s role within the enterprise; can your role as an I&O leader lead the charge.

Join your peers at one of the most important gathering for I&O professionals and get clear-sighted analysis that explores what you and your team must do to effectively link business and IT strategies and maximize the relevance of IT operations.

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