Animal Microbiome Congress

Following the success of our existing Animal Health Investment Series and Microbiome Series, we are delighted to announce the launch of the inaugural Animal Microbiome Congress, 30-31 October in London.

With manipulation of the microbiome quickly becoming a priority in livestock, aquaculture and companion animals, the Animal Microbiome Congress will facilitate crucial discussions and multi-disciplinary collaborations between both academic and industry leaders in the space, to identify strategies for development, and resulting in improved animal health and welfare.

There is no other congress that bridges the gap between academics and industry across
livestock, companion and aquaculture in the animal microbiome field, promoting
academic-industry collaborations.

In addition to the open networking available, and to further promote multi-disciplinary collaborations between attendees, our 'MEETING MOJO' platform allows you to create a bespoke meeting schedule, ensuring you form productive connections on site.

Some of the leading figures in the field of animal microbiome will be speaking at the event, including:

Scott Carter – Director, Enzyme Research and Development, Elanco Animal Health

Ivan Rychlik – Associated Professor, Veterinary Research Institute Czech

Kirsty Gibbs – Platform Lead for Poultry, DuPont Industrial Biosciences Animal Nutrition

Jordi Estellé – Researcher, INRA

Karsten Kristiansen – Professor of Genome Research and Molecular Bio Medicine, University of Copenhagen

David Kyle – CEO, Evolve Biosystems

For more information, download the Congress agenda here:


Scott Carter, Ivan Rychlik, Kirsty Gibbs, Jordi Estellé, Karsten Kristiansen, David Kyle

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