4th Guangzhou International Aquarium Show(GIAS2018)

Date: 23-Mar-18 to 25-Mar-18
Location: Guangzhou International Sourcing Centre / Guangzhou / China
Category: Conferences & Trade Fairs

Concurrently held with China (Guangzhou) International Pet Industry Fair 2018(CPF2018), GIAS2018 is expected to cover a show floor of 20,000㎡. It is going to be packed with professional visitors from more than 45 countries and regions. Tens of concurrent events, such as industry summits, ornamental fish contests, carnivals, reception dinner, etc, are going to be the highlights of the show.


Insiders from the aquarium industry and fish fans, etc.


Breeders, manufacturers, suppliers, wholesalers or distributors of aquarium fishes, aquariums, water pumps, air pumps, temperature control water treatment equipment, fishing gear, fishing tackle, lights, ornaments, artware, fish feeds, fish medicines, feeders, etc.

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