The Sales Development Conference, San Francisco 2017

One full day of learning and networking with the top minds in Sales Development today.
Featured speakers:

Henry Schuck, CEO, Discoverorg
Manny Medina, CEO, Outreach
Kristina McMillan, Director of Research, TOPO
Russ Hearl, Head of Sales at Hire, Google
Matt Amundson, VP of Sales Development, Everstring
Sally Duby, General Manager, West, The Bridge Group
Andrew Berger, Head of Sales & Business Development, Square
Carrie Simpson, Founder & CEO, Managed Sales Pros
Nick Ezzo, VP of Demand Generation, Intacct
John Barrows, Legendary Sales Trainer
Dave Hawley, Former Head of Marketing & Sales Development
Sean Kester, VP of Product, Salesloft
Paul Teshima, CEO,
and many, many more...

One full day of learning and networking with the leading minds in Sales Development.
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Henry Schuck (CEO, Discoverorg), Manny Medina (CEO, Outreach), Kristina McMillan (Director of Research, TOPO), John Barrows (Legendary Sales Trainer)

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