Amazon for Professional Sellers Training - London

Date: 20-Oct-17 to 20-Oct-17
Location: GS1UK ( 3rd Floor ) / London / United Kingdom
Category: Education

In the UK, the marketplace industry is dominated by Amazon and eBay - and Amazon is a huge force throughout the Europe and the rest of the world. Selling on marketplaces can be a cost effective way to attract new business as the marketplaces already have an active customer base looking for your products.

This comprehensive course is aimed at new and early-stage sellers and will give you excellent tools and skills that you can implement immediately into your business. Each session is tailored to the experience and sectors of the attendees giving a truly personalised training session and you will take away an action plan to grow your business.

We’ll cover how to establish a successful supply chain in the UK, and we have enhanced the content on the course with our trusted partners in China to give you advice on sourcing low-cost stock from the Far East as a potentially more profitable route than Alibaba.
Who is this workshop suited to?
New  Employees, Digital Marketers, Directors, Managers 
What will you learn ?
- Setting up an Amazon Store
- Category Approval
- Listing new products and existing products
- Should you create unique product listings for your products?
- Creating content-rich product listings
- Using Amazon keywords wisely
- Understanding Amazon policies – How to prevent suspension ?
- Keeping Good Amazon Performance
- Using Seller Report, analysing sales/traffic/listings to make strategic decisions
- Exploring re-marketing opportunities to your new Amazon customers
- Arbitrage software - is it useful and worthwhile?
- Is drop-shipping a viable business model?
- Is Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) beneficial?
- Expanding sales into the EU and the rest of the world
- Reliable product sourcing from China
- Introduction to tariff codes, import duty, taxes and restrictions

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