The Fabulous Electric Zimmermen's Tribute to Bob Dylan @ Half Moon Putney


From Dylan's most intimate acoustic numbers to swirling organ driven anthems The Zimmermen's love for the music of Bob Dylan is evident throughout. This not a standard tribute act; no one is pretending to be Bob. However, the band's irrepressible exuberance is counterbalanced by a reverence for the original material. Although the six-piece band play exclusively Dylan-penned tunes (almost), they are as likely to find inspiration in popular cover versions as in classic Dylan originals. Throw in the odd 'Bobcat' album track and The Zimmermen have a set and a sound all their own delivered with a relaxed, almost ramshackle, attitude and punctuated by some roller coaster rock and roll moments.'

'Surprising, beguiling and ultimately uplifting'

'Cavan's enthusiasm in every song he sings is totally infectious and even the mellow songs are delivered with equal intensity'

'The band are all seasoned musicians and every song is played with style and feeling'

'Imagine Bob uncharacteristically upbeat and happy for a whole gig'

'Cavan remains faithful to the meaning of every song as he delivers faultless renditions of some of Bob's best-known (and sometimes lesser-known) masterpieces.'

'I have to say that I've never enjoyed Dylan music so much'

'Bob Dylan with knobs on!'

'Rocket powered Bob'



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