Facebook Fundamentals: Page Likes, Group Members & Paying Customers

Date: 15-Sep-17 to 15-Sep-17
Location: Cavendish Conference Centre / London / United Kingdom
Category: Banking, Finance & Investment Conferences & Trade Fairs

Shaa Wasmund MBE Business Bootcamp 
Facebook Fundamentals: Page Likes, Group Members & Paying Customers

Join Shaa Wasmund MBE to discover how to use Facebook to build the business and lifestyle you want.
This isn't your normal 'social media' training workshop.Shaa's Business Bootcamp is all about harnessing Facebook for game-changing business results.

This unmissable event is for anyone serious about building a personal brand, online business and digital audience in order to generate the income and freedom to do the work they love.Shaa knows what it takes to build a profitable Facebook business.

Inside two years she's grown a tribe of 22,000 engaged Fans; grown several Facebook Groups with more than 12,000 members in total; launched a paid membership site; built a business with a turnover in excess of £2m; made £225,000 in just 4 days from a digital product and grown recurring monthly income to over £100,000.
She did ALL of this on Facebook.

Join Shaa to discover how you can get MORE from Facebook.

More Page Likes, More Group Members, More Paying Customers...

Book now for 'Facebook Fundamentals' and discover how to:

Reach, capture and convert customer on Facebook
Set up and optimise Facebook Profiles, Pages and Groups
Get your first 1,000 Page Likes
Build a truly engaged audience who want to work with you
Understand what to post, when and how frequently 
Use Facebook Live to reach, convert and sell
Build crazily engaged communities and memberships
Convert fans and group members into paying customers
Analyse what your customers want more of and when

Do all of this even if you've:

Never used Facebook for business (or at all)
See the potential but don't know what to do first
Have tried but failed to build a Facebook audience or get 'engagement'
Don't like the idea of your friends seeing you 'talk shop'
Still insist your customers or clients don't use Facebook
Love the sound of a 'Facebook business' but are frozen by fear


Shaa Wasmund MBE, Dan Meredith, Matt Thomas

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