Tumor Models San Francisco Conference January 2018

At Tumor Models San Francisco, learn how to best recapitulate the human Tumor microenvironment in your preclinical models. Through scrutinizing and developing immuno competent models that create predictive and translatable research for your immunotherapy drug candidates.

6 Key Takeaways:
1. Discover Cypre’s Innovative use of 3D Tumor Models Built with Scalable Bioprinting Technology to Improve Cancer Drug Development
2. Learn How to Utilise CRISPR to Accurately Model Clinical Tumor Subtypes Through Insights From Cedars-Sinai Medical Center
3. Understand how Takeda leverage the data from pre-clinical studies and minimize translational failures
4. Discover How Genentech Are Understanding T cell Exhaustion in Common Syngeneic Tumor Models to better define T-cell functionality
5. Understand how to overcome the limitations of immune-compromised mice with Eureka’s perspective
6. Learn how to test reprogrammed TILs in In vivo mice model with insights from the University of Pittsburgh

Find out more: www.tumor-models-sf.com/about/event-guide/


Rafael Cubas Barcelli (Genentech), Shon Green (Eureka Therapeutics), Svetlana Sadekova ( Merck), Cinthia Pastuskovas (Amgen), Barbara Joyce-Shaikh (Merck), Kolin Hribar (Cypre)

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