Working with Men to End Family Violence

Date: 13-Feb-18 to 14-Feb-18
Location: Sydney Boulevard Hotel / Sydney / Australia
Category: Conferences & Trade Fairs

Men play a crucial role in ending family violence. Most men are not violent and we need them to speak out and be positive role models. Men who are violent need to be able to engage with evidence-based interventions that support change.

The Working with Men to End Family Violence conference will explore how we can do this most effectively. It will also look at how we can increase collaboration, coordination and integration for better outcomes.

Learn how to:
- Engage men in primary prevention
- Overcome challenges around Men’s Behaviour Change Programs
- Work with men as fathers
- Work more effectively with Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander men, their families & communities
- Evaluate program effectiveness
- Increase collaboration, coordination & integration

The facts:
- The majority of perpetrators of family violence are men
- The majority of victims of family violence are women
- One woman is murdered almost every week by a current or former partner

Who will attend?
People with responsibility for:
- Domestic & Family Violence Services
- Men’s Behaviour Change Facilitation
- Women’s Services
- Family Services
- Child Protection Services
- Child/Youth Services
- Housing/Homelessness Services
- Policing
- Justice/Corrections


Jacqui Watt, Edward Mosby, Michael Flood, Moo Baulch

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