Leadership Course for Directors

Date: 14-Dec-17 to 15-Dec-17
Location: Institute of Directors / London / United Kingdom
Category: Banking, Finance & Investment Conferences & Trade Fairs

Gain an understanding of the key competencies required to be an effective leader at board level with the opportunity to practise and develop some of these competencies.

During the course you will assess different leadership and decision-making techniques, determine how to build and sustain high-performing teams, and evaluate how these can be applied to your own organisation to contribute to its increased success.

Learning objectives:

• Develop an understanding of how leadership can be defined and understood in relation to the director’s role on the board.
• Apply techniques for developing a greater awareness of one-self and of the motivations and behaviours of others
• Create a culture which constructively engages others in the organisation to achieve the strategic objectives, and to respond effectively to crisis and change
• Identify how leaders create influence and impact within and beyond the organisation, and assess relevant stakeholder engagement strategies.

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