Argus China and Global Oil 2018

Date: 28-Mar-18 to 29-Mar-18
Location: TBC / Beijing / China
Category: Energy Conferences & Trade Fairs

In this year’s Argus China and Global Oil Conference we will also discuss on the
opportunities and threats that One Belt One Road initiative offers especially to China. How will this massive project changes crude trade flow?

Join us to hear from leading organizations on how they are coping with uncertainties in the market as well as potential opportunities and threats that bound to come in this challenging 2018.

Key Highlights:

One Belt One Road Initiative - What are the Implications to Countries Involved as Well as China’s Economic Influence on the Regional and Global Level

OPEC Production Cut Extension – Impact to Global Supply and Demand
Especially China

Impact of Striving for Cleaner Energy to China’s Crude Oil Demand

Will Global Demand Able to Balance Out Increased Supply from US Ramping up on Crude Exports?

The Role of Independent Refiners and How They Change China’s Oil & Gas Landscape


Zhang Liu Cheng

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