Argus NPK, Water Soluble and Micronutrient Fertilizers India 2018

Date: 08-Mar-18 to 09-Mar-18
Location: ITC Maurya / New Delhi / India
Category: Conferences & Trade Fairs

The Argus NPK, Water Soluble and Micronutrient Fertilizers India 2017 conference delves deeper into the continuing trends and anticipated growth of water soluble fertilizers (WSFs) in India. Participants will get a clearer picture of the competitive landscape and market segmentation, which will allow you to better align your marketing and sales strategies for 2017-18.

New Topics for 2017
• Development of fertigation in India - agro trends and their impact on farm inputs
• Marketing and quality management of NPK and water soluble fertilizers
• Nutrient planning for optimal crop growth - use of chelated micronutrients for higher yield

With the focus on NPKs and WSFs, you get more value from your conference experience. Take this opportunity to conceptualise strategies to overcome current market challenges and capitalise on this huge untapped demand.

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