Breast Imaging from A to Z: How to Read Like (Or Better Than!) The Experts

Date: 15-Sep-18 to 16-Sep-18
Location: Wyndham New Yorker / United States
Category: Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals Conferences & Trade Fairs

Session 1 will take the attendee through the histopathologic basis
for benign and malignant breast disease with imaging correlates.
Conventional topics with simplified and novel strategies are presented to
both review and advance the practice of mammography and ultrasound.
Session 2 focuses on imaging diagnoses for which surveillance may
be reasonable and will emphasize techniques and analytic parameters
regarding intervention and tissue diagnosis.
Session 3 will address the critical issues of breast density risk
assessment as well as perspectives on supplementary screening
such as whole breast ultrasound and tomosynthesis.
Session 4 explores in depth both current and evolving concepts
and strategies in MRI interpretation with review of literature
and case-based presentation.
Session 5 explores the issues of medical legal accountability in interpretation
and communication as well as providing strategies to avoid liability.


R. James Brenner, MD, JD, FACR, FCLM

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