Startup Bootcamp Track

Date: 15-Jan-18 to 20-Jan-18
Location: AstroLabs / Dubai / United Arab Emirates
Category: Education Technology

n this practical course, we’ll go over everything from how to know your idea has legs, market sizing, coming up with a feasible customer acquisition strategy & business plan and building a prototype to test.

AstroLabs has helped hundreds of startups in the region through our coworking space and Academy training programs. This hands-on program is the culmination of our regional entrepreneurship insights, that will give you a practical playbook to turn your idea into a sustainable startup.

Day 1 – Ideation & Validation: How To Tell If Your Idea Is Worthless

Day 2 -Your Business Model: Where Most Startups Fail

Day 3 -Real World Feedback: Reality Check Survival

Day 4 -Prototyping: Building It Quickly

Day 5 -Building Your Startup: Rolling Up Your Sleeve and Hustling


Louis Lebbos, Muhammed Mekki, Roland Daher, Ahmad Abugosh

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