Palo Alto Networks: Quick Start Training - Threat Prevention - Portland

Date: 30-Jan-18 to 30-Jan-18
Location: WeWork -Pioneer Place (Level 3) / United States
Category: IT Technology Conferences & Trade Fairs

In today’s threat landscape, traditional malware has become highly targeted and evasive, and specifically designed to be completely undetectable. The goal is to breach the network perimeter by delivering malware that can move laterally across an organization, extracting valuable data as it spreads – all while remaining invisible to traditional network defenses.
Palo Alto Networks®  protects your network against these threats by providing multiple layers of prevention, confronting threats at each phase of the attack. Join us for a free half-day workshop on Threat Prevention where you’ll get hands-on experience with  Palo Alto Networks®  Next-Generation Enterprise Security Platform.
In this technical workshop you will learn the value of preventing and detecting unknown malware, zero-day exploits, APTs and other advanced cyber attacks and tying them to specific users and devices so they can be stopped efficiently.
In this workshop we will show you how to:
• Establish policies to prevent known threats
• Enable sandbox threat analysis using WildFire® to control unknown malware
• Configure decryption and URL filtering policies to manage high risk applications
• Enable policies to prevent unknown attacks & zero-day exploits on the endpoint with Traps
PLEASE NOTE:  This workshop requires attendees to provide their own laptop that can access a modern browser.
Lunch will be provided

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