Kids Coding - Ages 11 - 15 - Beginners Coding

Date: 17-Jan-18 to 21-Feb-18
Location: Swansea town hall / Toronto / Canada
Category: Education

A 6 week 12 hours of exciting adventure to introduce coding skills to kids. A play based coding program, in a collaborative classroom setting we will imagine, design debate and create with code.

Learn how a computer works and the principles of coding.
Understand life cycle of coding. Through various hands on games we will learn about coding principles from ideation to implementation.
Get your sneakers on. We will be playing fun games like "Loopy Loop", "SORRY - you have dialled the wrong condition", "Would ARRAY number 400 please stand up?", etc. These games are part of CODE-IT HACKS unique curriculum and methodology to introduce coding concepts in a super fun manner.
Using MIT's Block base SCRATCH platform, create and animate characters by learning about movement commands, sounds, changing colours and other exciting actions. Students will work together on projects and learn to troubleshoot each other's code.
Build from three pre-written CODE-IT HACKS animation and Gaming projects and one animation that the students will create and publish themselves.
Conclude with each student having their own studio , a portfolio of animation and Game projects, and design journal full of priceless ideas.

Technical Skills:

Character design

Pattern building



Conditional statements

X and Y coordinate for movements

Building gravity to simulate falling objects

Soft Skills: 

Design journaling

Critical thinking


Logical thinking

Conflict resolution when working in team

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