Advancing Project Controls 2018 Conference Houston TX

Without consistent controls in place, project execution can easily go off target, resulting in additional risks, liabilities and costs on the engineering, procurement, and construction of large-scale projects. Loss of experienced staff, increased complexity of projects, and innovative technologies are also now causing disruption across all sectors.

However, culture change is being driven by better collaboration with project teams, integrated systems, and harnessing technological advances.

Advancing Project Controls 2018 is coming to Houston to reveal cutting-edge approaches, methods and tools to tighten controls and ensure effective decision-making.

Meet with leaders from across all markets to help you better communicate and forecast costs, schedules, risks, and changes for exceptional project delivery.


Lance Stephenson, Matthew Rao, , Pradip Mehta, Tina Gunderman, Chris Carson, Josh Rowan, James Arrow, Jay Merchant, Todd Gapsiewicz, David Bettendorf, Luis Terry, Michelle Stuart, Greg Whiteside, Martin Darley, Stephen Mulva, Tonja Stradley, Maha Harrison, Dave Brown, Mark Borodynko, Ray Martello, Sami Jaroudi, Bill Jansen, Adam Cano, John Crilly, Maya Nino, Steven Moore, Charles Brodhead, Diego Martinez, Rick Bartucca, Russ Rodrigue, Anthony Tony Ritacco, Andy Hedrick, Adam Weaver, John Hale, Terran King

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