Vuejs Conference Amsterdam

Date: 16-Feb-18 to 16-Feb-18
Location: Theater Amsterdam / Amsterdam / Netherlands
Category: IT Technology Conferences & Trade Fairs

The conference is headlined by some of the most renowned international experts on the subject and the creator Evan You himself. The Vue.js Conference Amsterdam is the key event to discover, engage, learn and exchange with the Vue.js community.

The stunning location Theater Amsterdam will offer an awe inspiring experience in comfortable cinema chairs. Be blown away with code and visuals created for you by the leading Vue.js experts on the biggest projection screen you will ever come across.

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Evan You, Sarah Drasner, Gerard Sans, Roman Kuba, Plamen Zdravkov, Alexandre Chopin, Jen Looper, Edd Yerburgh, Eduardo San Martin Morote, Guillaume Chau, Ives van Hoorne, Sebastien Chopin

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