7th Digital Marketing for Medical Devices West

Digital Marketing for Medical Devices West is designed to provide device marketers with in-depth, tactical presentations that provides a roadmap to implementing similar programming at their organizations and insights into some of the leading marketing trends impacting the industry today and in the future (such as new industries entering the medical device space and the impact of the evolving healthcare ecosystem). This unique format allows you to leave the conference with a game plan for when you return to the office and a forward-looking ideology that can help shape your long-term marketing strategy. As part of the longest-running and best-attended event series specifically for device marketers, the 7th Digital Marketing for Medical Devices West conference is a must-attend event for anyone looking to learn from industry leaders and network with peers.


Pete Alexander, Kumar Bala, Tomi Barton, Patrick Bernardi, Kristie Burns, Merrill Collier, Donna Collins, Patricia Correa, Debbie Donovan, Steve Goldsmith, Vasey Hargraeves, Breanna Hunt, Omar M. Khateeb, Christina Kirby, Michael Krachon, Jim Lefevere, Hunt Mayo, Reena Mishra, Mike Moeller, Jeff Quon, Leslie Stephens, Sam Talya, Kevin Tausend, Nathalie Tremblay

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