Positive Mindfulness: Your Pathway to Authentic Happiness; Level One

Date: 06-Feb-18 to 15-Feb-18
Location: Francis Holland School / London / United Kingdom
Category: Religion

Positive Mindfulness brings the technique of mindfulness to the practice of the latest scientific principles of Positive Psychology. It is the pathway to authentic happiness, happiness which can be experienced intensly, constantly and consistently through training of the mind and development of your potential skills, talents and strengths.

This is an introductory level one course where I will take you through learning the technique of mindfulness for application in key areas of your life through the principles of Positive Psychology dealing with positive emotions, their development to increase your emotional intelligence; developing character strengths; effective self-regulation and developing positive relationships.

It will be an interactive and exciting way of learning technqiues and understanding scientifically proven ideas which lead to inner change and to authentic happiness!

There will be 4 sessions on the 6th, 8th, 13th and 15th March 2018 at Francis Holland School near Baker Street in London.

Be the change you want and enrol for the course now!


Dr Ramesh Pattni DPhil (Oxford)

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