Explore a GDPR/Information Governance Career - Key tips to win a job offer

Date: 17-Feb-18 to 17-Feb-18
Location: Bridge Academy / London / United Kingdom
Category: Education

Are you wondering what the rising world of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is or are you interested in tapping into the opportunity or perhaps you have recently been trained and you need to grow you confidence in this field ahead of an interview, then this 3.5hrs workshop is for you. 

The Session will be led by Billy Machekano, founder of Nashe Limited, a practitioner in the area of Information management and governance, information security and risk management. Billy has worked across both public, private and charity sector and on setting up the information strategy and helping organisations prepare for the new GDPR. He will be sharing update on the new GDPR regulations, tips on securing the job offer in that area and also sharing pratical experience about what to do in your first few months once you can secure that role. 

The session will also be help with CV review.
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Billy Machekano

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