Microbiome Animal Health Summit

Microbiome Animal Health Summit (May 23-24, St Louis, MO) – Discover the Untapped Power of the Microbiome in Production & Companion Animals to Promote Health, Improve Efficiency and Create New Economic Opportunities

Given the shift away from antibiotic use in livestock feeding, a need to develop alternative products that enhance growth, prevent infectious disease and ultimately drive profitability has risen. The inaugural Microbiome Animal Health Summit 2018 has arrived to unite this industry at a critical time. Having already established industry defining summits in the pharmaceutical, plant agriculture and human nutrition & probiotic space, the Microbiome Movement Series has arrived to help the animal health industry accelerate the discovery, development and commercialization of microbiome-based products that will revolutionize the industry. With case studies from animal health product developers across the in-feed, therapeutic and diagnostic applications within the production and companion animal sector, the inaugural Microbiome Animal Health Summit is founded as the only industry focused event dedicated to evidence-based science linked to disease causation, rather than correlation. As the opportunity continues to rise, discover best practice around discovery science through sequencing technology, translational research and product development and registrations to deliver value to the market.


Megan Lyman, Director (IP, Regulatory and Product Development, AgTech Acclerator), Mike Seely, (CEO, Ascus Biosciences), Holly Ganz (CEO, AnimalBiome), John Gregg, (CEO, BalinBac Therapeutics), Steve Bartle (Director of Life Research, BalinBac Therapeutics), Rodrigo Bicalho (Chief Scientific Officer & Associate Professor, Bactana & Cornell University), Nathan Mcnulty (Vice President of Research, Matatu), Christopher Belnap (CEO, Resilient Biotics), Amy Biddle (Assistant Professor, University of Delaware), Jeff Brockman (Principal Scientist, Hills Pet Nutrition), Megan Niederwerder, (Assistant Professor, Kansas State University), Todd Callaway (Assistant Professor, University of Georgia), Janet Donaldson (Associate Professor and Department Chair, University of Southern Mississippi), Tim Johnson (Associate Professor, University of Minnesota), Michael Kogut (Lead Scientist/Research Microbiologist, USDA-ARS), Jeffrey Watts (Research Director, External Innovation – Anti Infectives, Zoetis)

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