Antimicrobial Stewardship: Implementing the Change

Date: 19-Apr-18 to 20-Apr-18
Location: Euroforum Palacio de los Infantes / Spain
Category: Education

Course Objectives
• To understand the scientific background of antimicrobial stewardship interventions
• To understand the sociocultural, ethical and behavioral aspects of antimicrobial stewardship
• To acknowledge the relevance of the quality management/implementation aspects of antimicrobial stewardship
• To learn about other barriers to antimicrobial stewardship and how to address them
• To learn the basic principles of bacterial resistance and antimicrobial consumption surveillance
• To understand the differential aspects of antimicrobial stewardship in various settings: hospital (medicine, surgery, ICU, hematology), primary care, general public, long-term care facilities
• To learn how to integrate antimicrobial stewardship education in undergraduate and postgraduate curriculums of healthcare professionals
• To overview the antimicrobial stewardship initiatives being in place worldwide
• To learn from national strategies: their successes and failures

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