Smart Agri Congress Africa

SACA is an international platform to provide the industry with a global platform to access the latest technology and research in technological advancements in African agriculture.


Farmers: Commercial, emerging and small scale
Farming Co-operatives
Associations and Trade Bodies
Procurement Directors
Regional Buyers
Investors( DFI, Impact, P.E funds ect)
Agro processors
Ag Packers and marketers
Government & Development Agencies
Technology service providers


Vertical & Hydro Agri business • oEM’s (Irrigation robotics, drones, automation and precision farming) • Satellite and data providers • Technology applications • input companies • Technology companies (IoT, ITc and cloud) • Banks (Financing mechanisms and mobile banking) • Logistics & storage (especially solar) • Professional service companies: Law firms, advisors and consultants • insurance companies • Sensor and remote sensing manufactures

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