Waste Heat Recovery in Internal Combustion Engines Symposium

Date: 23-May-18 to 24-May-18
Location: D. Dan and Betty Kahn Building / Israel
Category: Technology Conferences & Trade Fairs

This two-day forum focuses on providing participants with the most cutting-edge information on solutions for reducing waste heat from engines and vehicles. Both transport systems significantly contribute to the growing issue of greenhouse gases in our atmosphere. The most efficient way to sustainably reduce these emissions is to accelerate the introduction of vehicle propulsion systems and using low carbon-intensity oil substitutes.

With this symposium taking place at the heart of the thriving Israeli technology industry, participants will gain insight into world-leading, creative solutions to reduce waste heat by visiting research centers as well as a lively academic program.

Various types of propulsion technologies are under consideration, like the internal combustion engine, hybrid electric, plug-in hybrid electric, range-extended electric, electric battery, fuel cells, etc. Most experts agree that internal combustion engines will be a major propulsion option in the foreseen future, with massive penetration of hybrid vehicles to global markets. The Waste Heat Recovery Symposium showcases these experts’ advances.

The WHR 2018 symposium aims to offer a comprehensive overview of all these issues: It is a unique event worldwide, aiming to gather participants and experts from around the world to foster innovation and establish sustainable engineering solutions.

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