American Supply Chain Management Strategies Summit

The American SCMS Summit brings together supply chain leaders and innovators from across the Americas and beyond. Speakers from Intel, Sysco, Anheuser-Busch InBev, AMGEN and many more will share insights into their operations.

They’ll discuss how to utilize Big Data and IoT to create a lean supply chain. You’ll also learn how to secure your supply chain from challenges such as cyber security and Blockchains.

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Stefan Kluge , Senior Director Strategy & Program Management, Foundry & OSAT Management, Intel, Seif Durrani, Director of Supply Chain Design and Facilities Optimization, Sysco, Patrick Lynch, Strategic Supply Chain, Procurement and Supplier Development Specialist, Sonendo Inc., Yinka Osidipe, Director of Supply Chain, AMGEN, Benjamin Lavoie, Global Director of Technology, AB-InBev, Greg Toornman, Director of Global Materials, Logistics and Freight Management, AGCO, Osmar Rodriguez, VP Manufacturing Operations & Supply Chain Dr Brandt Skincare, Mike Lavaglio , Director of Supply Chain Planning, Dexcom, Mauro Pennacchia, Director of Supply Chain Business Technology, The Mount Sinai Hopsital, Raja Bheema, Senior Manager of Supply Chain, Glaukos

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