Understanding Buying Cycles - Marketing Strategy

During this class, we are going to learn about the buying cycle in general and examine what this process looks like in your own business. Learning how different channels and tools assist the buying decision in different phases of the sales cycle, you will be able to identify which (mostly digital) tools should you be focusing on and gain an overview of the most important and widely used methods.

The promotional mix
The sales cycle
What does your customer journey look like?
Nurturing prospects and leads
What kind of questions your buyer will ask at each stage?
Buying stages and digital tools working together

Marketing Strategy for Business Growth.
Ready to grow your business but unsure where to start? Does your marketing feel a little ad-hoc and reactive most of the time? Would you like to build a strong foundation learning repeatable methods for constructing a sound marketing strategy?

The speaker: Orsi Toth, Marketing Advisor
Orsi is a marketing and business strategist with a decade of experience in brand building, online communication, workshop facilitation and product development.
Over the last decade, she has transitioned from classic advertising, coordinating ATL projects and creative teams, to digital communication, product development and user experience, working with brands like Johnson & Johnson, Nissan, Peugeot and Reckitt Benckiser.
In 2012, she co-founded travel tech startup Drungli, the adventure generator for spontaneous people. As the CEO and Product Manager, she was instrumental in the growth of the site from zero to 50k unique visitors per month, mostly through social media, PR and consistent, vivid branding.
She is committed to delightful customer experiences, deeply understanding how human beings work and building amazing products that are capable of changing lives for the better.


Orsi Toth

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