Advancing Construction Technology 2018 Conference, August, Chicago, IL

Harnessing Technology to Optimize Construction Operations

Technology is advancing faster than people. That isn’t anything new. But with daily advancements in construction technology bringing to the fore tools such as robotics, AI, IoT and augmented reality, it is integral to harness disruptive innovation to stay ahead of the competition.

In this context, Advancing Construction Technology 2018 (formerly Advancing Field Technology) returns for its third year, bigger and more diverse than ever, to bring clarity to this disruption and help you to enhance on-site delivery.

5 Things You’ll Achieve This Year:

1. Build a Technology Roadmap to Maximize Profitability
2. Foster Culture Change to Embrace New Tools
3. Improve Systems Integration & Data Sharing
4. Deep-Dive Case Studies
5. Get Hands on With Technology

Join us in Chicago, August 20-22 to meet with like-minded technology and operations leaders to hear step-by-step case studies, see exciting technology demonstrations, and benchmark your own ideas to drive productivity in operations. Register today and become a change agent for 2018!


Lincoln Wood, Jonathan Putman, Kris Lengieza, Leah Fiore, David Stone, Anthony Thompson, Daniel Caven, Neil Ross, John Jurewicz, Cliff Moser, David Pikey, Raymond LaBrec, Hannu Lindberg, Mark LaBell, Jon McFarland, Jonathan Deming, Jim McCarthy, Raul Gomez, Jason Jones, John Cole, Terrence McNamara, Cathi Hayes, Michael DuLaney, Gaurav Joshi, Darren Roos, Dennis Rodriguez, Hitesh Dewan, Scott Vlasek, Ray Garrett, Krupesh Kakkente, Jeremy Larsen, Jason Deans, Wendell Barnes, Joe Ehlers, Judd Fuoto, Bob Dolan, Josh Taylor, Richard Lopez, Rick Jeschke, Travis Voss, Shashikala Sriram, Landon Wren, Andrew Pitcher, Suleiman Alsafuori, Gregg Haeberle, Bobby Goldsberry, Chad Holbrook, Amber White, Jacob Price, Paul Godwin, Nick Bobbitt, Daniel Fahmi, Connor Sheen, Taylor Williams, Kristi Galloway

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