London History Day: The London that might Have Been

Date: 31-May-18 to 31-May-18
Location: Royal Institute of British Architects / United Kingdom
Category: Travel & Tourism

​What might London look like now if we had made different architectural choices over the past decades and centuries? To celebrate London History Day RIBA will be exploring proposed, often radical – but never realised – building designs for London through architectural drawings in the extensive RIBA Collections. Discover a selection of unbuilt designs that had the courage to imagine new ways of living and working in London, and get a glimpse of what London’s future might look like, through current architectural projects by practicing architects.

For a special one-off open evening event, RIBA curators will be on hand to showcase the selected drawings, tell the story behind these unbuilt projects and talk about working with the RIBA’s collection of over 4 million architectural drawings, models, photographs and other items.

Drop in to get a close look at the selected drawings and learn more about the collection and display of architectural drawings.

Go to event website

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