Place Conference London

Date: 15-Jun-18 to 15-Jun-18
Location: 1 Rathbone Square / United Kingdom
Category: Technology Conferences & Trade Fairs

The rise of mobile location data and the convergence of digital and offline experiences creates opportunities and challenges for marketers, brands and retailers. The Place Conference is a unique event on location intelligence, offline analytics and proximity marketing. Attendees will gain tactical insights and practical knowledge from market leaders and innovators.

Topics include-
Location. based Digital Marketing
How to improve footfall with location data and related audience insights
Bringing digital indoors: best practices from market leaders
Online-to-offline attribution and what it means for media planning
Personal location data in a post-GDPR and ePrivacy world
How mobile turns outdoor adverts into a digital medium
The future of digital mapping
Mixed reality: what’s the real potential?
Cost per visit: will it be the end of clicks?

The event is brought to you by The Search and Information Industry. Association Europe in cooperation with The Local Search Association US after their successful conference in San Francisco and New York. The combination. of these 2 strong non-profit associations guarantees content and networking that you will not experience at any other conference. Sponsorship and Speaking slots are available please contact


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